Hobby project – conversion of WW II pillbox into design of Satellite earth station

web [CZ] Satellite Bunker in Znojmo

TV appearance [CZ] for Czech TV about Starlink satellite constellation (24. 5. 2019). Few days before that I talked about the same topic during their morning programme Studio 6. (16. 5. 2o19)

I had a chance to see & talk about satellite constellations in Paris (2017) during 21st Euroconsult’s anniversary summit for Satellite operators and investors. You can find some of my outcomes at Kosmonautix [CZ].

Iridium Satellite Constellation

My pages – Iridium satellites displayed in a real-time

article [EN] How I challenged myself to visit Iridium and SpaceX


TV appearance [CZ] for Czech TV (jump to 16:00) – short interview about the Iridium / Iridium NEXT Satellite Constellation (14. 1. 2017 – 14. 1. 2019 anniversary)

article [CZ] No more lost planes, new Iridium satellites will take care about that  (, 2017)

article [CZ] The Iridium Global Network – dedicated mostly to the history (, 2016)

I’m the new owner of, prospects for Iridium network in 2000 for example in this article from (March 2000)


Motorola / history and presence (self-organized exhibition dedicated to the Motorola brand, products & philosophy), Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen , Czech Republic, 2014 – my collection of Motorola items from the past, mainly old advertisements,  unique promotional items, historical documents, etc. (2008 – 2013, no longer available) – Well-known CZ website for Motorola cellphone users – news, long-term reviews, reportages, … Everything related to Motorola cellphones – (2003 – 2006, no longer available)