Work references

Stéphan Soulet – Steelcase France – Group  IT Manager for EMEA region
Project: Steelcase manufacturing plant – IT systems

I have been Mr Pavel Mašek’s manager from July, 2014 to June, 2015; during this period, he occupied a position as a IT Analyst and Field Support in our Stříbro factory: this experience has been a success, Mr Mašek’s deep technical expertise and company’s dedication made possible the company’s development.
In fact, Mr Mašek joined Steelcase Czech Republic s.r.o. at the time our brand new Steelcase factory was being setup in Stříbro. Mr Mašek has been instrumental in helping with the implementation of all technology aspects: from infrastructure components (network, servers), to end-user devices (computers, printers, R/F readers, phones), including building security technology. He was the only IT person in Stříbro at that time.
Besides being a hardworking person and a company dedicated employee, Mr Mašek demonstrated to be a quick learner with strong sense of innovation and entrepreneurial mindset. I deeply appreciated these two last qualities, which made it easy for me to rely on and delegate to Mr Mašek.

Timothy Schrader – Steelcase U.S. – Project Manager, Corporate Security
Project: Consolidation of employee’s ID badges, cross-platform proposal and implementation

Pavel has done some amazing things to assimilate our security access control badges with other platforms being used at our facilities. His persistence, ability to solve complex problems and integrate disparate systems was a tremendous help!

Other activities

Matthew J. Desch, CEO Iridium Communications Inc., U.S.

When someone says they are traveling from the Czech Republic and would like to participate in your historic first launch, its hard to say no – particularly to Pavel Masek…

Dr. Raymond J. Leopold, co-inventor of Iridium satellite communication system, U.S.

I am quite impressed with the success Pavel Masek has achieved as he has collected memorabilia associated with Motorola, Inc, and especially those items associated with the first (and still the only) truly worldwide communications system, The Iridium System, which I had created, along with Bary Bertiger and Ken Peterson. We were then able to turn our vision into an amazing reality with the help of several thousand dedicated people both at Motorola and among the ranks of our industrial partners. Our efforts have helped to transform the world in many constructive ways, many of which Pavel has noted. I whole heartedly endorse his continued efforts to build upon his successes and I encourage everyone who had ever been involved to help Pavel in any way they can. Congratulation, Pavel, I wish you the best and I thank you for helping to memorialize the efforts of so many people from around the world. – Dr. Raymond J. Leopold, January 13, 2015, Kalispell, Montana, USA.

Sue Topp, Motorola Solutions U.S. – Manager of Motorola Solutions Heritage and Archives

Wow! What a successful event – congratulations! Thank you for sending the photos. Some of the older items we have not seen before! I’m going to send your links to Motorola Solutions’ communications office. They’ll be interested too.